Tail Lift Safety Handrails

"A must for the safety of those around you and yourself"

Why install Safety Handrails on your tail lift?

In the eight years from 1 July 2003 to 30 June 2011, 26 workers died following falls from vehicles. Trucks were involved in 70% of the incidents (18 fatalities). In 12 of the 18 fall from truck incidents the worker was loading or unloading items from the vehicle. In 4 other
incidents utilities were involved with 2 of these incidents also involving loading or unloading activities.

Falls are a major cause of death and serious injury in Australian workplaces. Fall hazards are found in many workplaces where work
is carried out at height.

The most practical solution for working at heights whilst operating a tail-lift is by installing safety handrails.

Handrail on tail lifts also give greater protection against the risk of objects, including goods and roll cages, falling from the tail-lift during unloading.  In particular, side hand-rails can give greater protection against goods falling on members of the public.

Why Pick Reddy Mechanical Solutions Safety Handrails?

Our safety handrails are designed and manufactured in Western Australia to the highest quality.

All of our rails conform to the principles outlined in the Austalian Standards AS1657-2013 and AS 3868-1991. They also have the high quality of finish our clients have come to expect.



  • Aluminum structure and therefore are light whilst also being durable and strong
  • All hinges and locks are quality tested and built to last
  • Our Handrails come with rear gates built in for extra versatility- gate opens inwards and will automatically close when not being held open
  • Fold Down neatly when not in use and lock to each other to prevent swinging when platform is closed
  • Front Gates that have three lock out points to provide safety whilst unloading and loading (Optional extra)
  • Gates come powder coated in yellow
  • Quick to install

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