Custom fabrication and external Field work

Trolley build and control panels

Trolleys purchased by our client for the purposes of scanning and labelling were soon identified to be ill equipped. Prior to providing our unique services, they were using make shift cardboard boxes which were  simply not effective. We thereby designed and manufactured custom bins and scanner holders to fit each trolley.

Another client of ours needed improved accessible data entry points with in their factory. Utilizing our innovative skills, we were able to design and modify work stations suitable for the application.

Large Scale jobs

Rapid door and Conveyor install

Due to the size of the rapid door depicted, strong winds constantly blew the door out of its runners and ripped its canvas. We were asked to replace the rapid door on this occasion and were placed under extremely tight time constraints.  Utilizing our large network we were able to have a new canvas designed for the special conditions and manufactured locally to an exceptional standard. We custom fabricated stronger support beams and completed installation within a day.

We have done a lot of work with conveyer systems and associated equipment. In the images shown we are installing a new bend that was custom made, as parts for this model of conveyer where obsolete. Replacement and or repairs to rollers, drive chains, pulleys, sprockets, motors and gearboxes are all within our field or expertise.



180 Degree tight bend solution

Our client who is a large national pharmaceutical distributor had several issues with their totes getting stuck and backing up on their original conveyor bend. As you can imagine this bottle neck can become a rather costly affair. Our solution was to develop a custom turntable to fit in the space. We successfully delivered and installed the product in a quick turn around window. This turntable is far more effective and the client no longer has the issue of their totes getting stuck.



Big Ass Fans

Given all the expertise under our brand we are capable of doing a large array of jobs. This particular job required our experienced electrician and was for a community leisure center. This saw us installing a new large fan to keep the area cool. From time of order, the fan was sourced and this job completed with in a week; leaving the client very happy with the end result.

Custom works

Machining and Fabrication

We have several years of experience when it comes to machining and fabrication. Our machining and fabrication department are highly skilled in the manufacture of metal parts that interface precisely with other components. We regularly do welding on many different types of tail lift platforms including aluminium and machine news pins. We've conducted work on high rise conveyor systems welding wear plates and many other types of jobs. If you require Machining or fabrication in any industry do not hesitate to contact us.

Hoists and Docks

Complete Delivery Dock services

The first three pictures of the slider represent a call out to one of the Aldi stores that we work with. The clients delivery dock roller door torsion cable had broke, dropping the door and and taking all pressure of the torsion spring and damaged the railings. We acted promptly and installed a new cable, fixed the doors railings, resit the spring and motor with in half a day. In the final picture you can see our technicians planning to fabricate  new housing to move the motor for the inflatable dock seals. These technicians also raised the top of the seals on this dock as drivers were reversing in to it and damaging the motor and seals.

Tail Lifts

Tail Lift services, repairs and installs

We are able to supply, service and repair all major tail lift brands.We provide a maintenance plan with complete record keeping to optimize the life, safety and equipment performance. The first picture is the beginning steps of a complete refurbishment to a tuck away tail lift. These tail lifts can get worn and it becomes dangerous to use. We are able to replace arms, bushes, pins and ensure the motor, pump and all components are safe and effective at a fraction of the price of purchasing a new tail lift.  In the second picture we replaced the motor, solenoid and pump for one of our clients Zepro tail lifts. In the third picture we had a client purchase a new vehicle and wanted to install the tail lift from his old vehicle. We had the the tail lift removed from his old vehicle and installed with all works done with in the day.

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