Dock Levellers & Accessories

Dock Levellers & Accessories

Dock Hoists

The most durable and robust dock hoists available in the Australian market.

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Dock Levellers

We service and can provide dock levelers that have been used and proven by all major Australian retailer, transport and logistics companies. Contact us for special rates and quick turn around times.

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Dock Bridge

Modular dock bridges designed to span the gap between the warehouse and the retailer. Contact Us for special exclusive rates.

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Dock Shelters

We can have custom dock shelters built to suit any dock or have access to original parts.

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Why Use Us?

We work with top brands around Australia to ensure you get only the best quality products at competitive prices.

At RMS we can provide you a 24hr service without call out fees in the metro area*.We can supply, service, repair and  conduct complete overhauls on any loading dock equipment you have.

We have access to a wide array of parts and can have parts made up to better suit your needs.

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