Hydraulic Cylinders

Providing our customers with comprehensive and reliable repairs in a timely manner.
All work done by us is backed by our Guarantee!

"Whilst others may make you wait a week or more for a repair which is common in WA; we ensure that all cylinders are handled with urgency whilst not compromising on a thorough and reliable repair."

Cylinder Repairs

Our priority at RMS is to ensure that all cylinder repairs are completed to a high standard; and when ever  possible modified to increase the performance and service life of the cylinders that come out from our workshop.


Honing makes fine crosshatch imperfections on the surface of the cylinder bore. These are essential because it helps the cylinder wall retain oil to assist with piston ring lubrication. If RMS finds that a cylinder needs to be honed, we are able to hone it to spec to ensure that the cylinder operates effectively.


At Reddy Mechanical Solutions we have highly skilled machinists that take great pride in their work. The RMS procedures and processes ensure that all machining jobs to be done in our workshop are completed to the highest accuracy.

Hard Chrome

This technique provides an extremely hard surface, with superior corrosion resistance applied at relatively low temperature. Whilst RMS does not have the facilities to do hard chroming in house, we do use an incredible supplier that takes great pride in their work and prioritizes RMS cylinders.

Quality Materials

RMS only utilizes high quality parts that have been extensively tested to guarantee the life of cylinders. Where ever possible we ensure that our suppliers are ISO accredited as well. This means that most of our suppliers have met the requirements in the ISO9001 Quality Management System (QMS).

Offsite and Onsite servicing

Whilst we do have a fully equipped workshop, we also have service vehicles to respond 24/7 to breakdowns, repairs and or for scheduled maintenance.

Why Reddy Mechanical Solutions?

Many hydraulic cylinders are prone to wear and tear due to the extreme conditions in Australia. While it is possible to quickly return a cylinder to working order after a component failure these could be temporary repairs. The reason we say it could be a temporary repair is because a cylinder could have more than one aspect to repair, for example if seals get changed but the cylinder rod was slightly bent. This would cause the seals to be worn quicker and quickly bypass again. The right equipment and a complete understanding of the forces, tolerances and materials involved is necessary to restore the original performance and reliability to a cylinder.

If you work in the transport, logistics and supply chain or earth moving industries, there is a very high chance that your business relies on hydraulic equipment. Many major players working on Hydraulic equipment focus on the mining industry,. This causes massive leads times and we aim to fix that by minimizing your downtime.



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