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High quality, reliable car hoists and vehicle/container lifts


Our Approach

We work with fantastic companies like Levanta  and Molnar to get you the perfect equipment for your needs at an incredible price. We are able to supply, install, service and repair all vehicle hoists. We only supply and install high quality, reliable vehicle hoist and lifts that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of busy car dealerships and heavy vehicle workshops.

From two post and four post hoists to in-ground lifts, knuckle lifts, mobile column lifts and more, you’ll find the vehicle lifting solution you need.


2 Post Lifts & Automotive Hoists

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In Ground Car Lifts

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4 Post Hoists & Automotive Lifts

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Alignment Car Lifts

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Scissor Lifts

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Mobile Column Lifts

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Heavy Vehicle In Ground Lift

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Knuckle Lifts

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Side Loaders, Container Loaders, Tipper and Dump Trucks

All of this equipment was designed to make your job easier, more efficient and cost effective. However they do have several wearing parts especially when it comes to hydraulic systems. Having this equipment out of order can slow down your business and cost you money. That's where we come in! We'll assist you to have your equipment repaired and maintained in a timely and  cost effective way. We understand how frustrating it can be having to wait days or weeks to get your equipment back and how big the opportunity cost can be for you. This is what makes us different to others in the industry and why you should you use us. We have fast turnaround times on repairs and services, fast breakdown response times, competitive rates and guarantee all our work!

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