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Reddy Mechanical Solutions can supply Automotive, deep cycle and special purpose battery needs and accessories.
Reddy Mechanical Solutions has a national network to provide you support with your batteries.
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Truck Batteries

Trucks and heavy equipment have large power need, so having the right truck battery is essential.Literally every minute a truck, crane or forklift is inoperable is money going up in smoke, so we know how important it is to have the right battery that is fully charged and ready to go to work for you.

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Car & 4x4 Batteries

Whether your car is manufactured locally, in Asia, Europe or America, we have the battery it needs. Similarly, the battery you need for a modern high performance car is not the same one you need for a classic car, or even your family vehicle. Picking the wrong battery can seriously impede your car's performance, so trust Reddy Mechanical Solutions to make sure you get the right battery

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Deep Cycle Batteries

Unlike a car battery (which is designed to output high bursts of power for a short time) a deep cycle battery can withstand constant charge and discharge cycling, making them perfect for delivering energy for extended periods of time.


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